About Me

Marina Taylor, is actually my first name and my middle name. While I was trying to come up with a name for my blog to no avail, I decided on using my name. As I was then getting ready to use my last name, my boyfriend pointed out that it was hard to pronounce, and difficult to spell… which may be counterproductive if I’m trying to use my name as the site address… He was right. Shhh.. Don’t tell him I said that.

So who am I? Im a University student, full time mom, shopaholic and social media obsessed. It all started out with Instagram and Pinterest. All the beautiful pictures, outfits, posts…I’m sure you get it. I recently moved to from Ottawa to Toronto, with my boyfriend and our new baby boy. I’m beyond blessed that not only is my boyfriend an amazing partner and dad… but he’s also a professional photographer and videographer! YAY ME 😉 ahah, so naturally I’ll be bugging him every so often to take pictures of me for my blog. Excited for my photography skills to grow along with my blog!

Follow me on my daily ventures! My blog is here to inspire others, as well as myself on a daily basis. Here to keep myself accountable to my fashion and fitness journey; while having fun documenting it along the way.
I’ll be posting about fashion, lifestyle, family and health (beauty and fitness included!). Feel free to shoot me an email with requested content!