Best Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home! Why to Make Time for Yourself

No matter your role in life, we all need a little pampering every now and then! Some more than others, but still. As a new mom, while still being a student; it can get exhausting. At the end of each day I feel drained. The best way to combat this is to reward yourself with a little extra care, you deserve it! No matter the size of your budget or free time, there’s so many way to pamper yourself. Self care is such an important part of life, and I feel so many of us neglect ourselves while caring for others. Toronto today is a mixture of cold rain and fog, meaning I could use something to brighten my day!

All these method will be geared to at home relaxation. Here’s my favourite ways to pamper myself!

Long hot bath

Whatever your go to be, whether it’s bath bombs, bubble baths, those fancy baths filled with flower petals (I really want to try one…), soaking in epson salts, or even if you’re a shower person. Take the time to be alone with the hot water. Bring a good book, put some relaxing music on, try a new body wash face or hair mask and just relax. Turn off your phone, block out whatever is going on outside that bathroom door- take some time for yourself. I try to do these once a week, either after my son is in bed, or while he’s playing with his dad. This is the perfect beginning to my tan routine too!

Face/Hair Mask

If you don’t have the time for a full bath, skip it and just do a hair/face mask. These can be done in 30 mins. Perks is that you can also be doing something else while doing this. There are times where I’m also reading a new book, flipping through a good magazine, catching up on my Netflix, or even writing a blog post. Pick an activity that you will enjoy for those 30 mins.


There are so many options here! My personal favourite is to go get a mani pedi. Of course I do enjoy a good massage every now and then too. I usually go for a mani pedi because you get a little foot massage and hand massage at the same time. Plus who doesn’t love new nails! I compiled all the nail styles I’m hoping to try this summer here.

Go to the Gym

For some, this may be a chore and not considered pampering yourself, but I love the gym atmosphere. I love being able to have time all to myself, where I can plug in to my music and just workout. After my workouts I always feel so awake and refreshed, especially when I relax in the sauna afterwards. We have a gym in our condo building, which is super convenient. If I’m not able to head down to the gym, I love to create my own little yoga studio in the living room! I’ll be making a whole post on this coming up, but I set up my yoga mat, blocks, and straps. I light some candles, put my essential oil dispenser on, turn on some relaxing music and practice my poses.

Head to the Pool

In our condo I’m lucky enough that we have a pool and two hot tubs with jets. This is by far my favourite way to unwind after a long day. Swimming laps is a great workout and super easy on your body. The hot tubs are super relaxing, I usually tilt my head back and close my eyes and enjoy the 15 minutes of silence. Sometimes even 30 mins if I’m wanting more. Naturally I also try to sit in the sauna for a bit afterwards!

Play With Makeup

This one for me is all about having fun. I love to watch my favourite youtuber and try to mimic their everyday looks. It might just be me, but I love looking at all my makeup spread out all over the counter, and playing with different colours and styles that I wouldn’t normally try. Plus I always love how I look afterwards, which is great for spamming my snapchat, and taking pictures for my blog or my instagram!    To check out my current summer makeup favourites, read it here!

Nice cup of Tea

Tea is definitely my warm drink of choice. I’ve never really been a coffee girl, but I do like hot chocolate in the deep of winter. I personally lean more towards herbal and fruity teas, and I keep a drawer stocked full at all times. I usually have about 10 different loose leaf tea on hand for whatever suits my mood. I’ll be writing all about these teas soon! One tea is actually my secret weapon to clearer skin.

Why It’s Important to Pamper Yourself

Guaranteed you make time for others during the day, if not every day of the week. It’s important to take time for yourself, and focus on your own self care. You cant pour from an empty cup! I personally always feel so much better after I’ve taking some time to relax, and do something I actually want to do for myself. Taking time to pamper yourself is super important for both your mental and physical health. Let me know what you do to unwind in the comments, I’m always looking for new ways!



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  1. I’ m in on the pool, tea and maybe the gym. To me swimming is a great way to exercise. I try not to hang on the edge and get my workout done it there. The main reason is that I cannot stand to sweat. Yes, you still sweat in the pool but I can’t feel it and that’s the important part!


  2. I love to pamper myself at least once a week as well. I usually do a nice face mask, foot soak and give myself a mani-pedi. You’re so lucky that you have a pool. We used to have one but a really bad storm hit us and a tree fell into our pool and damaged it! Lucky no one was hurt but we haven’t had a pool since and I sure do miss swimming!

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