How To Get The Perfect Summer Fake Tan! Plus Get A Loving Tan Coupon Code!


My dream to be tan…

I have always wanted to naturally be tan, to have that effortless sun kissed glow all summer long… Sadly that will never be the case. I’m super super pale, and when I do try to tan in the sun, I burn. Nothing I do or try lets me get a tan form the sun, I’ve tried oils, laying in the sun for hours, even getting burnt to see if it will turn into a tan… Nope. The only thing that’s worked is fake tan.

So, If I want to get a sun kissed look, I’m going to have to buy it. There’s nothing wrong with fake tan, it allows you to pick the colour you want to be, whether it be light, medium or dark, AND you can be tan all year long… It just takes a little bit of effort. As a pale girl, I’m thankful for fake tans, as it lets me attain something I can’t naturally, and makes me feel more confident in a swimsuit. For me, this is the only way I can get the perfect summer fake tan.

So this is me!

As you can see I’m pretty pale. In fact almost every shade of face makeup I own (foundations, concealer, powder) is the lightest in their range… and for some brands their lightest shade is even too dark/pink for my skin tone. Clearly I could use a tan in the summer!


Before we get into the post, I just want to add a disclaimer to all my other pale girls out there. You do not need to be tan to be beautiful. You do not need to be tan to be confident. You do not to be a tan for anything, or anyone. I personally just like being tan, I enjoy the process; it feels like I’m pampering myself a little. Plus I naturally can’t be tan… So I guess I just naturally want what I can’t have. So, if you want to be pale, all the power to you, for most of the year I’m pale too! But if you want to be tan for the summer, or maybe you have a prom, party, of action coming up and you’re looking for a little extra colour, read on. After years of fake tanning, I’ve come up with a pretty solid routine with a few tips and tricks you can learn.

Pick Your Method

Before anything you need to pick your method of tanning. I personally love a good fake tan (ie.Tan in a bottle 😉 ) But you can also go to a tanning salon and get in a bed, or get a spray tan. I’ve also seen news about tanning oils, although I’ve never tried them myself. Theres also the good old fashion way, laying in the sun with a good book and good tunes.

Why fake tan?

While I love a spray tan in a salon, I don’t have the time to go to the salon, or do I always want to be spending money on a tan every week for upkeep maintenance. I personally will not get into a tanning bed, as it is really bad for your skin, and I think I’d feel claustrophobic the entire time. While I love the feeling of the sun beating down on me, wrapping me in its warm rays-Im naturally super pale, and I burn easily. Plus, sadly that burn never turns into a tan, so its yields zero results. Which leaves me with fake tan.

Pick Your Brand

So let’s talk about fake tan. My method of choice for getting that perfect summer glow. The first step, is piking the right brand of fake tan. My personal two favourites are Loving Tan and St.Tropez.


The first tan is St.Tropez. I’ve used this tan so much over the years because it’s so much easier for me to get my hands on. It’s carried in Shoppers Drug mart, which is located on every other street corner in the city. The St.Tropez line has so many different options as well, from the mousse, to a special face fake tan formula, and the gradual shower tan. I love them all. St.Tropez comes in two shades, and both are great. Their tan also has a express version, if you’re in a hurry! They have their own tanning mitt, with is super soft and great for applying your fake tan.

Loving Tan

Loving Tan I order online, and I get the 2 hour express in Medium or Dark depending on how tan I want to get . This tan is the amazing, it as an olive base, which is important for pale girls like me because it stops the tan from looking orange on my skin. There are so many options on the site when you go to buy your fake tan. You can get different shades, the express vs the normal, or the regular and large size bottles. I started buying the regular sized bottles just to try it out, then ordered the large bottles just because it made more sense. The medium dark colour gives me the tan of my dreams, it’s the perfect sun kissed glow I’m looking for all summer. Results below are shown using the Dark.

I actually have a coupon code for you guys!! Use “TayylorTan” at checkout with any purchase of a mousse and receive a free tanning mitt! How awesome is that?!

Both Tan brands give me an amazing summer glow, and if you apply correctly you will not get streaks and they will last for about 7-10 days if you maintain it.

Prep Your body

So, you’ve picked your tan brand, and the colour. Now time to prep. First you want to start by taking a nice shower or bath using warm water. If you shave, you should do this during your shower as well. For the summer time, I would recommend waxing, as having spiky legs in the summer annoys me. Shaving with fake tan on can actually take it off and make it look streaky in my personal experience.

Shower/Exfoliate/Hair Removal

You also want to exfoliate during your shower. My method of choice is the exfoliating mitt that I was given from Loving Tan, or a loofa if you don’t have a mitt. Be sure to pay extra attention to your knees, elbows, ankles, wrists and your underarm areas. Your toes and fingers are also an area you’ll want to focus on, especially the knuckles and creases. If you miss any dead skin areas, or rougher areas the tan will show up darker (because it’s absorbed more).


Get your moisturizer out! After your shower you’ll want to use a really good moisturizer over your entire body. I love Aveeno, but I occasional use some of my sons baby lotion. Be sure to use a little extra in those area you paid extra attention to exfoliating.

Apply Your Fake Tan

After letting that soak in, now it’s time to apply your tan. Using a mitt, which I 100% recommend purchasing with your fake tan (both loving tan and St.Tropez sell the mitts) you’ll want to pump one or two dollops onto your mitt. The amount you pump depends on the area you’re applying tan to. In a circular motion spread the tan evenly around. Do this around your whole body. The circular motion insures you will not get any streaks.

Use my coupon code “TayylorTan” To get the Loving Tan Mitt free with a purchase of any mousse! Visit their site to order here.

Applying Fake Tan To Your Back?

The hardest area to apply tan is your back, so if you have a partner, sibling, parent or friends around ask them for help. If not, you can try and move your hand around to cover most of it, OR loving tan has this amazing back mitt type thing meant for tanning your back yourself. I think this product is genius and saves me so much frustration. Theres also this amazing hack, you can tie your mitt onto your back scrubber and tie it with a hair elastic. Pro Tip: If you don’t have a back scrubber… grab your longest spatula from the kitchen!


Another Pro Tip: Apply Baby powder to your inner elbows, knees and armpits to avoid your tan creasing.

Once you have your tan all applies, put on some old clothes and lounge for the time indicated on the bottle. I would suggest loose fitting and dark colours. Then shower, and rinse it off.


Tanning Your Face

When it comes to your face, whether you apply tan or not is a personal choice. I have in the past, as well as I have left it. It completely depends on my skin at the time. One year my skin was breaking out so I didn’t apply tan in fear of irritating it more. Other times I did apply tan to my face, but found that it faded quicker than my body because I washed my face twice a day. This being said, this was all just with normal fake tan. St.Tropez has a bottle purely for your face, which is super perfect. You can reapply as needed, and it’s specially formulated for your face.

Another tip is that you can also contour your face using fake tan if you don’t want to tan your whole face, and you’re only tanning your body a little darker. This saves you time in the morning, and you wake up practically ready for the day!  Thanks to Cosmo for teaching me this trick.

Maintaining Your Perfect Summer Tan

To maintain your tan, you’ll want to moisturize twice every day, avoid exfoliating in the shower, and be careful of any clothing or accessories that rub against your body that could take some tan off.

The most important part about fake tan is to remember to still wear sunscreen while you’re out and about in the sun! You can still get burnt while wearing fake tan!

Enjoy the Tan!

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Spring Skin Care Routine, Products You Need

Holy Grail Skin Care products that I’m loving (Spring Edition)

I’ve been battling bad skin since my high school days, so I’ve been around the block a time or two. With all that travel, I’ve found some holy grail products which I now use everyday and I’ve come to love! I have complex skin, it can sometimes be super oily and at other times super dry to the point of excoriating pain. My skin usually is oily in the summer, and beyond dry in the winter. So naturally my skin care routine changes depending on what my skin needs. This Spring, these are my go to products that I use in my everyday routine, and have helped clear up my skin.

Clarisonic Mia 3

First is of course my Clarisonic Mia 3. I’m sure most of you follow other beauty bloggers and have heard them rave about this device, and for good reason! This thing has saved my life.  I use it on the regular speed twice a day, every day. My skin feels so clean afterwards! Two to three times a week I use a mask, and I use my Clarisonic to take it off. Never has my skin felt so soft before doing this! I love that on the Mia 3 I have the options to adjust the speed for a more intense cleanse when I’m having a particularly bad skin day. I love the customization possibilities with the Mia 3, you can change up the speed as well as attach different brush heads depending on what your skin needs.

Clarisonic is available online through their website, on Sephora as well as in person and at most Local Shoppers Drugmart! How convenient is that?! The only warning I would give with using this device the first time is that you will break out for the first few weeks. This is because the brush is bringing all the dirt beneath your skin to the surface.

Night Cleanser

The second product is the mask that I use a few times a week. This also doubles as my cleanser at night. This mask is perfect for when I wear a full face of make up, it also makes for an easy one step removal when I’m feeling super lazy.  It is a charcoal based cleanser, and its comparable to Glamglow. I used to use Glamglow religiously until one day I ran out of a mask and happened to be in Shoppers Drugmart. This happened to be on sale. For $8cad btw… so of course I got it to try out. Im so glad I did because I love it. The rest is history.

Morning Cleanser

The third would be a simpler charcoal cleanser, I use this one in the mornings before putting makeup on, or even if I’m stay in for the day just to have a fresh face. Again, it is also available at your local Shoppers. The Garnier cleanser above has a partner product similar to this, but they were sold out when I was shopping.

Make Up Remover

This is a sample sized product I got as a free gift that came with my Clarisonic. This takes off the makeup with such ease, it just swipes all of the days colours away. What I love about this remover is that you don’t need to scrub your face, or pull or tug. It’s super gentle and does a great job. Not to mention it smells amazing, it brings me back to what the yoga studio smells like when the teachers bring out their essential oils. This is a must have product for me, and when I run out of this size, I’ll be purchasing the larger bottle. You can get it at Sephora.


Now, as a girl who struggles with dry skin, the most important product in my bag is my moisturizer. I’ve used pretty much every product on the market at one point or another; some I fell in love with, the others weren’t used more than once. My favourite has been First Aid Beauty, I buy their value kit at Sephora during the holiday season. This is the one I’m using currently. I got it in my stocking from my boyfriend at Christmas. While I do really like it, when my skin is going through a dryer time, I find my skin craves more hydration. This is a solid moisturizer for the summer, but during dryer seasons I’ll need something thicker.


Ill be posting about all my favourite masks that I rotate through soon!
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Trends Im looking Forward To This Spring

With every new season, it brings new trends, different prints, and stores flooded with different colour palettes. Spring is all about florals and pastels… but theres so much more to it!

Here’s what I’m looking forward to this spring;


If you’re anything like me, most of my closet is black. Which I don’t usually mind as black goes with everything… and I wear black all year round. But theres something about spring that makes me want to ditch the black and play with colour… For my base colours this spring ill be focusing on 3 colours (so far)

Baby Blue

Shop them here
First Dress
Second Dress
Third Dress

Blush pink

I picked this shirt up from winners last summer, But here’s something similar 


get it here

Trench Coats

Im also loving my trench coats from Calvin Klein. Last year I bought it in two colours, black and beige. Naturally I’ve worn the black to within an inch of its life, but the beige hasn’t got much wear. Toronto springs are surprisingly chillier than I expected, so I’m still wearing coats. This spring I am inspired by the new combos I can create using it!

Ill be teaming these outfits with different coloured accessories. These range from coloured handbags, to shoes, and even playing a little with eyeshadows and lipsticks.


Ruffles & Lace
Okay so I really mostly mean ruffles. Ruffles and lace. Ruffles are everywhere this season and I’m LOVING it! They are so fun, flirty and feminine. There are so many different styles and ways to wear ruffles theres a piece out there for everyone. Lace is something that I enjoy wearing in every season, so I have a few pieces that I can style up differently throughout the year.
 This blush pink top has lace going down both sleeves, so I tick off two boxes with this piece.

Here are my favourite ruffle pieces that I’ve come across

 get it here

get it here

get it here


Off the shoulder tops
The next trend I’m seeing a lot of and loving is off the shoulder tops! These tops look so fun and easy to look put together. Cannot wait for me pieces to come in the mail. I’ll be sure to post a try on post when I get my hands on them so check back here next week.

You can get them both here White top, Peach dress, The floral shirt

I realize that this post is all tops, and that’s just because I usually wear the same pants throughout the year. I have a nice selection of jeans to choose form every morning and that is usually my go to. Oh and of course leggings… However, if you’re looking for more ways to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe do it with your pants! Pants comes in all sorts of colours, and I’m sure there are some out there with a little ruffle or cute floral print. Ill post links below of what I’m thinking.

Skirts & Dresses
Skirts are also going to be my go to when the weather warms up a little more. I love a good casual pencil skirt, I have them in a jersey type fabric in a bunch of different colours. I also love a leather skirt dressed down, and of course my maxi skirts.

This tulle skirt

A little obsessed with this dress

And this one

Other Items

Light wash jeans
Ripped jeans with floral detail
Pink Jeans

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Nail Styles You Need To Try This Spring/Summer

Its Spring time! One of my favourite times of the year; the flowers are in bloom, all the pretty florals are coming to the front of my closet, and your hands aren’t hidden away in mittens anymore. Time to get your nails done and show them off! So I did the math (which you should double check cause I’m horrible at math), but there are 17 weeks left from this Friday, to September 1st. What does that mean? You have the opportunity to try a new nail style each week and play around with a new colour, shape or design!  Need some inspiration? I’ve put together a bunch of different looks for you to try!

This Spring and Summer I really loving pastels and bring colours, I know, typical. But there’s so many different ways to use these colours to be a little different! You can play with the shape and the finish. Glossy vs Matte, Almond shape vs round vs coffin… So many ways to customize!

Here’s a guide to all the different shapes you can try!


One of my favourite nail colour has always been different variants of blue.
I love the idea of playing with the classic french manicure by using blue instead of white! A new trend I’m seeing everywhere is chrome… and this blue chrome is to die for! For me, I can never go wrong with blue, whether it be a pastel, baby blue, or aqua.


Another spring/summer favourite is coral. Having coral nails makes me want to be at the beach swimming, or lay in the sun working on my (non existent) tan. Coral is such a great colour, it makes your tan look darker, and it adds a pop of colour to your outfits! Not to mention it looks great holding a Starbucks frap 😉 Whether you pick a bright or soft coral


I see this all over Instagram and Pinterest and I’m a little obsessed. Chrome nails make me want to cruise around in a fancy sports car and blast music like I just don’t care. Just me, or can you hear Rhianna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” in the distant background…



Of course you also have to have your pastels to play with. Spring/Summer weddings, brunches with your mom or grandma, or just picnics with the girls!


Nothing will make your tan seem darker, and your summer break better than neon nail. So much fun, perfect for the beach, girls night out, or just sipping lemonade on your balcony.


You can also play it safe and pick a classic look; aka nude and french tips. If you’re feeling a classic look, but want a little edge, try putting a matte top coat on!


And last, but not least; patters. Mixing up colours, adding some sparkles, flowers, designs… get creative!

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Hope you all have a fun and colour filled, adventure taking, Nail-Fantastic Spring/Summer!


5 Shoes In My Dream Shoe Collection

Okay lets talk shoes. I love shoes, I love how they can totally change your outfit, either by toning it down, or bringing it up a notch or two.. I especially love designer shoes, the unique designs and that they add an extra pep to your step. As a taller girl, 5’10, I’ve stayed away from heels and just naturally gravitated towards flats.  So be forewarned, this post will not include any heels. Lets get into it. These are the designer shoes I would love to have in my collection, and I’m sure you would too.

1. Chanel Espadrilles

I cannot say how much I love/want these shoes. Every review I’ve read says that they are super comfy and easy to wear. Also, from what I’ve seen they are made well and will last if taken care of. I would probably get the classic beige with black toe colouring, just because I already have a lot of black footwear, and these seem just as easy to style up. Pair them up with leather pants, any demin of your choice, or even a summery dress. They just work.
Get them here 

2. Valentino Rockstud Leather Pointed Toe Flats

While walking through Nordstrom years ago with a friend and I saw these, and I practically ran towards them. They are drop dead gorgeous. I love them with every inch of my soul. There’s something so perfect about them. Now there are two different styles to the rockstud flats, and I want them both. In every colour possible. But, If I had to narrow it down, It would be between three… I know not that narrowed down by much… but I can’t help myself. These would be perfect to pair with spring floral dresses, or dressed down with distressed jeans.
Pink Flats above

The other two pairs I’m dreaming about;

Leather Rocketed Ballerina Flats                           Rockstud Leather Pointed Toe


3. Chanel Ballet Flats

Simple but elegant. These I could pair with jeans and a plain tee and still feel like a queen. Something about wearing Chanel makes you feel put together… I love the little bow on the front, it gives them a little dash of femininity. These would get so much wear in my collection.
View Similar here (If I find these I’ll post the link)

4. Crystal Louboutins

These are stunning, and would be my go to shoes for dressier occasions. They are the perfect mate for a little black dress. Even just on a day where I’m all over town and want to look my absolute best. I love the sparkle to them, and they would give my plain outfits a little extra magic. I’ve heard Louboutin’s are insanely uncomfortable… but these are too gorgeous to pass up.
Shop them here

5. Viv flat by Tory Burch

Just a basic designed flat, but they did it so well! These would be perfect for walking around the market, or a coffee date with a friend. I have recently fallen in love with the pointed toe style, and while I have a similar style of shoe in the my collection already, they are not high end or nude. So clearly I need to get these!
Viv Flats

Okay I lied. #6 Is the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Flat Collection

Yes, I said collection. I want these flats in every colour they make. They are gorgeous and elegant. From what I’ve heard, they are the comfiest shoes you will ever put on your feet. At first when I saw these, I wasn’t too sure about the broach on the front. I’m not usually into super blingy shoes, and I wasn’t sure if this would be too much for me. But nope, I love it. These shoes feel so proper and elegant, but so versatile at the same time. I’ve seen these paired with evening dresses, little black dresses on dinner dates, and even running errands in distressed jeans.
Pick your colour here


Let me know in the comments below if you have any of these in your collection, or  if I missed your dream shoe!


10 of the Best Canadian Approved Online Clothing Sites


If you’re a Canadian, and you’re anything like me, you love to online shop. This can be tricky if you watch youtube clothing hauls, or read other blogs and see all their amazing pieces. You’ll click on the stores link, fall in love with a dress or a shirt, go to check out and realize they don’t ship to Canada. Or even worse, they do, but shipping prices are more than the dress you want. It’s the absolute worst.

Easy solution? Check out these 10 stores that DO ship to Canada, and won’t break the bank for shipping.



This is a UK based online store with just about everything you could ever imagine when it comes to style and trends. They have everything from low prices clothing, to high street and some high end items. You can spend hours browsing all the unique and stylish clothing on this site, and it won’t be hard to fill up your cart! You may even find a style you love that you hadn’t considered before. The carry a bunch of different sizing options, petite, tall, plus size and even maternity. With free shipping over $45 to Canada, you can’t go wrong. They also have amazing customer service and returns are made easy. Best part of the site is the #AsSeenOnMe where you can see other Instagramers styling their outfits found on ASOS.


$6 shipping. Amazing. If you want to improve your Instagram street style then this is the place to shop. I pretty much want everything from this site, and with their super reasonable prices, Im not stuck debating between two equally cute tops- you just buy both!


I first found out about this site form youtube! I was pleasantly surprised at all the cute items. Under the different headers, mens and women, there are a bunch of categories. SO if you’re looking for something specific you can find it super quickly! With Shipping to Canada for just $11. Plus they have huge sales and offer to pay the duties and taxes on your order. Nothing better than receiving your order and knowing you don’t owe money!


This is my go to store when it comes to rompers and maxi dresses. They have the absolute cutes styles and prints I have ever seen. Super trendy and airy pieces that make my closet sing. These items all come with a size guide so you can be sure you find the right fit. An added bonus is that all items come with other customer reviews, so you can see their rating and impressions of the garment! This has been super helpful for me when decided to order something. They have a 10% off coupon when you enter the site and give your email, plus they have upon codes throughout the year, most of which will include free shipping over a certain amount. Standard shipping without a coupon is $12usd = $16.51 to Canada.


The cutest little boutique located in downtown Ottawa. Pictures below are from when I shopped there last summer! By far the best organized store I’ve ever been in! They have an online store too and carry the cutest brands. Their style selections are always 100% on trend, plus they always have killer classic styles. With styles for men and women, this should be your go to store, especially with free shipping over $99 in Canada. For all my US friends, they offer free shipping to you too, at $250+, or the standard fee of $25. Not too bad for the cute pieces you’ll find! .  

Hudson’s Bay

Yay for a Canadian company! This online store carries pretty much everything form home to clothing. One stop shopping at its finest. For clothing, it has high street to higher end options, and they hold sales frequently enough to find your dream outfit at a dream price. For shipping costs, they have a tier program, starting at $5.95 for orders under $50, $7.95 for orders under $75,, and free shipping for orders over $99.


I have to admit, I have a love hate relationship with this site. Sometimes I find pieces that I absolutely love and I fill my cart up, and other times I scroll a lot and find nothing. The items that I do get I absolutely love and fit perfectly, so I guess it’s a fair trade. Call it “research” for my closet if you will. One of my favourite features of this site is that you can reserve in store, so for those of us who live near a Zara location you can go and pick your items up. This is a super handy feature in times when you can’t/don’t want to wait for shipping. They also offer free shipping over $50 and free returns, so you can basically shop with no worries.


One of the biggest department stores in malls today, and an equally large website. With hundreds of different brands and styles to choose from, they have something for everyone. Men and women can shop here, they are pretty easy going on returns and even have in house tailoring (perfect if your body isn’t the shape of a mannequin). They offer multiple shipping options, including buy online and pickup in store, reserve and try on in store, or $9.95 for shipping to Canada.


This site is unlike any another. You can actually shop picks made by celebrities! How cool is that? How it works is you click on the drop down menu and pick a celebrity, there you will find pictures of them wearing certain clothing items. If you love it, you can buy it! Star style has never been more accessible. They host sales for every occasion possible and often send out codes to use at checkout. Shipping to Canada is $29.95 USD = $41.21, so the most expensive of this entire list. BUT if you’re dying to get your hands on some celeb street style pieces, this is the place to shop. Maybe worthwhile for one haul a year?


This is a New York based site for all your high end clothing needs,wants and dreams. Their pages are covered with high end designers, and gorgeous pieces you will fall in love with. They have handbags shoes, dresses and jewelry. Dress yourself in designer pieces with just a few clicks and a credit card number. The site has 24/7 customer service that can answer any question you have. They only offer express shipping as an option for Canada, which is good in a sense because you’ll get your items in 2-3 days, is does cost $20 usd= $27.51cad. They provide order tacking on your items, and even allow you to change your delivery day/time to ensure you’re there to collect your parcel. This is an amazing service because this keeps your items safe from thieves who like to steal off peoples porches. Considering all the items here are high end and therefore expensive; rest easy and shop with peace of mind.